Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Kitty Kyle

I had the most incredible cat. His name was Kyle. He was the family pet. He was born in Lindsay's closet, and even moved with us to NC. We knew he was the cat for us because he was the first one of the litter to climb up the stairs to get to the food. He was extremely lazy,fat,and scared of really stupid things; but I loved him. He used to let us dress in up in doll clothes. I loved that cat. I was heartbroken when I heard yesterday that he had been run over by a car. I couldn't believe it. He has been with us for 9 years. I will miss him incredibly. I love you big guy.


Anna Gray said...

Awh, I am so sorry Emily. I totally know how you feel because we had a kitty that was run over by a car as well. I am really, really sorry to hear that! =(

Bailey B. said...

Tear, tear, tear! I know that you must be heartbroken...I am so sorry for you guys! The Warden

Hey Dool said...

cute kitty
i like it
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