Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted in so long! I have become preoccupied with Twitter and such! :) Be prepared! This a pretty long post! :) For spring break me and my family went to Kentucky to visit relatives and friends. We visited the Crofts! It was Isabelle Crofts's birthday when we went. This is a picture of me, Isabelle and Abby at Graeters! ( the pictures are a little out of order, Blogger was giving me a hard time!)

This is the driveway to my grandparent's house were we stayed at when we visited. In this picture is Me,Lindsay, Papaw and my Mommy!

Picture of all of the Croft and Ferguson kids at Graeters!

Me and Isabelle. :))

EASTER! These are our Easter dresses.

We had an Easter egg hunt at my church. This is the Easter bunny and the hotdog. ( yup, you guessed it, my Dad's the hotdog!)

My two sisters went to Prom!

Chelsea's Prom Dress
Lindsay's Prom dress!!